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VolunTIC: Study on the impact of the use of ICTs in volunteer action

On February 10, with the collaboration of Voluntare, “VolunTIC “, a study conducted by the Area of Studies and Social Innovation of the Tomillo Foundation and funded by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, on the impact of the use of ICTs in voluntary action, was presented.

The general objective of the study is to contribute to the knowledge of the impact that the use of ICTs generates in volunteer programs in Spain, as well as to understand the impact of technology on the agents involved in the entire volunteer action cycle: beneficiaries, volunteers and participating organizations (companies, social entities, etc.).

The research techniques implemented included both quantitative and qualitative techniques aimed at gathering relevant information by consulting the different groups of people involved in or related to the object of study.

Some key points resulting from the study:

  • One of the great impacts of ICT-mediated volunteering activities, mainly digital volunteering, is that it expands possibilities to infinity and breaks down spatial and temporal barriers so that many groups and people who previously could not participate (due to time, location, disability) now do so. Increases inclusion and promotes social participation.
  • The lack of digital maturity of the Third Sector is a barrier to this type of activity. Further digital transformation is needed in these organizations so that the ICT/volunteering binomial can be expressed to its full potential.
  • With the increased use of ICTs also in volunteer activity, there is the challenge of the digital divide that affects not only the final recipients but also the volunteers themselves. ICTs should be a bridge, not a barrier

Download the Study:
VOLUNTIC Study on the impact of the use of ICT in voluntary action.

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VOLUNTIC Good volunteering practices measured by ICTs

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