We already know the 3 winning entrepreneurial projects of the CVC Young Innovator Awards 2021

CVC 2021 Awardees

On November 18, the winners of the CVC Young Innovator Awards, an initiative of the CVC Foundation in collaboration with the Tomillo Foundation, were selected with the aim of facilitating the financing of companies established by young entrepreneurs in Spain. The awards, for a total value of €45,000, rewarded the performance of scalable entrepreneurial initiatives with social impact.

In this 7th edition, applications were received on various topics such as renewable energies, care, sustainability, technology and education, among others. Among them, 3 finalist projects were selected to present their initiative before a jury composed of CVC executives.

During the event, the finalists presented and defended their projects. With great conviction and professionalism, they explained everything from the concept to the business model to achieve the desired profitability and sustainability.

After the round of presentations the jury decided to award the participants with €45,000 in prizes. First prize went to Academia de Inventores with €20,000, second prize to U4Impact with €15,000 and third place to The Future Game with €10,000.

In addition, the jury members offered the teams the opportunity to get in touch with other prominent people in the business world who could help them to further their entrepreneurial projects.

Do you want to know and contact the awarded companies? Here are their links:

  • 1st prize:
    Inventors Academy
    (Zaragoza). It is the first academy of inventors in the world, seeking to make children stop being simple users of technology to be the creators of the world to come. We encourage you to join their networks and start your path to invention.
  • 2nd prize:
    (Madrid). It is a platform that allows young university students to connect with social entities, entrepreneurs and companies to carry out their Final Degree/Master’s Degree Projects, promoting the development of real projects with social or environmental impact linked to the 2030 Agenda. If you are finishing your degree or have a company that wants to participate in this initiative, we inform you that the call for challenges and presentation of projects is open. Enter their networks to learn more about features and deadlines.
  • 3rd prize:
    The Future Game
    (Bilbao). Online platform to imagine desirable futures in community with training/inspirational content and through a gamified experience that allows playful learning. It helps participants to understand future trends, to know their own potential to imagine new futures and to understand the steps they should take to activate their ideas. If you have been encouraged by this presentation, discover the world of TheFutureGame through its networks.

Once again, Tomillo Foundation appreciates the commitment of the CVC Foundation to support young entrepreneurship, whose support is a great boost to the creation and consolidation of new businesses.

Congratulations to all the initiatives for the great work done and we wish you much success in your ventures.