We commemorate 8-M in Colonia de los Olivos

According to the UN, 80% of poverty in the world is concentrated among women, which means that being a woman increases the possibility of being poor. These figures can be extrapolated to Madrid and to the neighborhoods where Fundación Tomillo works.

The Los Olivos neighborhood, located in the district of La Latina, is one of the neighborhoods in Madrid where the difference between men and women can be seen when it comes to accessing employment.


Fundación Tomillo works with people in vulnerable situations -children, girls, young people, women, families…- to break the gender gap and promote equality through empowerment initiatives, such as those carried out in the Actuaciones program.

The Actions program works on the personal development of women who are often subjected to the male figure in their environment (father or husband) with content related to employment, digital tools, literacy, health, participation in community events, handicrafts, cultural and leisure outings, etc.

Actions such as those carried out within the framework of ‘Mapeando Latina’: a bracelet workshop and a chain weaving workshop to incorporate good wishes for women or activities aimed at children.

The objective of the activities aimed at girls and boys is to promote equality between men and women from an early age through play. These programs aimed at children are carried out together with Junta La Latina and CaixaProinfancia of Fundacion La Caixa.