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We continue to discover the potential of LinkedIn

With more than 850 million members, LinkedIn connects professionals around the world to help them be more productive and achieve their career goals.

Remember that LinkedIn is much more than a job search platform or a professional social network, from Tomillo we continue to unveil its full potential and help you discover very interesting resources and tools that will advance your professional goals.

Here are some free training courses that will help you improve your employability or start your own successful project.

Learn what it takes to succeed as an administrative assistance professional. Develops essential skills necessary for administrative functions, including communication, writing, time management and essential software skills. With courses on Communication, Time Management, Business Etiquette, etc.

Discover how to manage projects effectively, from the simplest to the most complex, with expert guidance on scheduling, budgeting, communication and more. Explore the project management tools included in the Microsoft 365 suite.

Discover the skills needed to thrive in a business analyst role. Explore the fundamental concepts of business analysis and understand the key processes. Practice using software tools for common business analysis tasks.

Learn how to excel in any job by mastering essential professional soft skills. It develops the skills most valued by hiring managers, from emotional intelligence and critical thinking to unconscious bias and teamwork.

Discover what you need to succeed with your own small business. Learn the essentials of entrepreneurship, from researching and evaluating your business idea and raising capital to advertising your small business.