We continue to explore the full potential of LinkedIn

LinKedIn: in addition to being a powerful tool for job search, positioning, networking or training, it allows us to inform and inspire us.

LinkedIn news Spain shares with us some interesting questions about the latter: news and points of view that professionals from different sectors are talking about.

Its ranking “Booming Jobs 2023” reveals that the trends that are defining the future of the labor market are technological positions such as Cybersecurity, Back-end Development, etc., in which you can train at the Tomillo Foundation.

Knowing the trends in the job market can help you take the next step and prepare you for the future even if you are not looking for a job.

“In addition to identifying booming jobs, this list is packed with practical information. Here’s how you can use it in your career:

  1. Get trained: identify the most in-demand skills for each position and search for LinkedIn Learning courses to develop them (just click on a skill to access the corresponding course).
  2. Identify the factors you value: when looking for new opportunities, analyze job information such as telecommuting availability, top hiring cities, years of experience and more.
  3. Set goals: do you want your trajectory to take a different direction? Thoroughly research the years of experience needed in the up-and-coming disciplines and industries with the most opportunities to define your goals.
  4. Dig deeper: look for more information on each position and check out testimonials from Top Voices in the sector you are interested in.”
  5. Take action: take a look at job postings and then identify people you might know at the company (among your LinkedIn contacts, for example).

Fundación Tomillo is an official partner in Spain of the LinkedIn Social Impact program.