We participated in the Digital Literacy Meeting BeJob

On May 25 we participated in the 1st virtual meeting on Digital Literacy within the Cycle of Conferences on Innovation, Digital Skills and Employment, BeJob BeFuture.

An enriching meeting where we had the opportunity to discuss about the different existing gaps in the context of digitalization, training and employabilitydiscovering how vulnerable groups need to be addressed through the development of training and digital inclusion projects. promoted by public, private and third sector entities.

The event included the participation of Mariola García Arellano, CEO of Bejob, Arantza Fernandez, Director of Employment at Bejob, Arantza Fernandez, Director of Employment at Ángela Caballero, Technical Responsible for the La Rueca Asociación, Claudio González, Head of the Department of Employment Guidance, Intermediation and Self-Employment of the Madrid City Council and Conchi Corona, Head of Training for Employment and Labor Intermediation at Tomillo Foundation.

Some of the ideas discussed at the meeting:

  • Work on the development of personal and social competencies in young people is fundamental to achieve their full personal development and their social and labor integration, which is especially important for young people in vulnerable contexts.
  • Digital literacy is essential for job seekers to gain better access to the labor market and employment is a lever for social inclusion.
  • About 70% of the working population has to perform activities that will require digital skills at a medium-low user level.
  • In today’s complex environment, adapting to change is essential. Therefore, people must update themselves and acquire new digital and technical knowledge and transversal skills that allow them to manage successfully in any area of their lives. Technical skills are as important as soft kills or transversal skills such as self-knowledge, self-control, ability to work in a team, ability to solve conflicts and problems, ability to make decisions, adaptation to change, etc.