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We signed the II Equality Plan in Tomillo Foundation.

On March 29th, in Tomillo Foundation we signed the II Equality Plan of the Entity. This document is the result of months of work and collaboration, developed between the works council and representatives of the Foundation.

In Tomillo we believe in equality between women and men as a fundamental value of our Entity and therefore it gives full sense to the development of a new Equality Plan that we are launching. The document is understood as an expression and commitment of the Tomillo Foundation to gender equity in its identity and essence, both in its internal organization and strategies as well as in its lines of action.

A commitment to ensure equal opportunities and equal treatment, developing measures to achieve real equality within the Entity. A process that generates spaces in which equality is the backbone of all areas of intervention and management, thus promoting spaces for participation and reflection that allow for a community with a deep commitment to equality between women and men and a safe environment for all.

In the document, we include the Tomillo Foundation’s commitment to the transformation towards a horizon of justice and equity between women and men. At the same time, it aims to be a living and open document, which will help us to continue to deepen gender equity.