We went to Malaga to celebrate the National Meeting of Second Chance Schools (E2O).

Ana, Erick and Camely have been the three students of the Tomillo Foundation chosen, for their significant formative trajectories, to represent the entity in the VII National Meeting of Second Chance Schools (E2O).

The event, held in Malaga on April 18 and 19, was attended by more than 400 participants, most of them belonging to the 50 accredited Second Chance Schools in Spain.

Second Chance Schools provide an effective educational response to young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who have had difficulties in their ordinary academic career and continue to have difficulties in obtaining a qualification, or are at risk of social and/or labor exclusion.

The meeting was held under the slogan #CrearTuCamino, with the aim of joining forces to offer a decent future to young people with low employability, discuss educational innovation and solutions against early school leaving and youth unemployment .

The students played a fundamental role in the day. Their testimonies have a great value in making visible this gap that currently exists among young people.

Ana González, 18 years old. A student of Basic Vocational Training in Administration at the Tomillo Foundation, participated in the VII National E2O Meeting in Malaga: “Studying at this E2O has changed my life. Before entering Tomillo I thought I was useless, but here they have helped me not to give up and to trust in myself. Now I’m very motivated and I want to continue studying middle grade in Administration.”

Erick Ross, 19 years old, student of FP Medium Grade in Microcomputer Systems and Networks at Fundación Tomillo: “For me, joining Tomillo made the difference between before and after. Going from receiving theoretical classes to doing practical projects makes the difference between studying and learning”.

Camely Galeano, 20 years old, former student of different courses, is currently working. “First I trained as a waitress to be able to work immediately and then, when I could, I started to train in what I am really passionate about, cars, now I am working as a mechanic in a garage and I am happy.”

VII National Meeting of Second Chance Schools. #CreateYourPath