‘Welcoming Talent’: much more than training in the hospitality industry

At Tomillo Foundation we know that training is not only about providing students with professional competencies, that is why we have a socio-educational methodology in which professional skills (to be a first-class professional) and emotional skills (to be an even better person) go hand in hand and which permeates all training programs.

Programs such as ‘Acogiendo Talento’, a program that we have been carrying out for years at the
School of Hotel Management
together with the Department of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth of the Community of Madrid and that only this year 2022 has allowed us to train 104 young people in vulnerable situations.

In 2022 we have trained 104 young people in the hospitality industry with this program.

The program is aimed at children between 15 and 18 years of age from vulnerable environments and is structured in quarterly courses.

Each quarter, 40 young people are trained in room service, bar, tray handling… to have the professional skills required to work in catering and hospitality, but also in soft skills (motivation, patience, teamwork, problem solving…).

Because at Tomillo we know that these skills are equally or even more important than those acquired in the hotel and catering industry, as they are the ones that will allow students to have a full personal and professional life.

The training includes theoretical classes in the classroom and practical classes. Sessions in which they offer snack service while they practice what they have learned.

Program financed by the Department of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Childbirth