Young people from the Talent Opportunity Program at the final debate of the Model UN Project

The young people of the “Opportunity to Talent” program have participated in the final event of the Model UN Project they have been working on this quarter. Model UN is a project that simulates a UN General Assembly debate, addressing global issues framed in the SDGs and possible resolutions. In pairs, they represent various delegations from UN member states and participate in a debate in English.

On February 22, the group received a visit from Justen Thomas, Public Diplomacy Attaché of the U.S. Embassy. in Madrid, who gave a motivational talk about his role at the embassy, his career as a diplomat and his experience working for the UN. The visit was part of the participants’ preparation for the Model UN project.

Oportunidad al Talento is a socio-educational innovation program of Fundación Tomillo and AIPC Pandora, aimed at young people with determination in their life project, but with fewer opportunities due to their socio-economic situation. Its main objective is to empower young people in situations of social vulnerability by promoting their integral development as individuals, so that they are able to reach their maximum educational potential and become leaders within their own realities.

The program is in collaboration with Fundación La Caixa, the American Embassy and the Pelayo Foundation.

Congratulations to the delegates who have prepared so much for this meeting, they have done phenomenally well!