Youth in action: European elections

Elections will be held in Europe on June 9. Spain will vote on the composition of the European Parliament, which in turn will elect the presidency of this institution and the presidency of the European Commission.

In order to increasing youth participation In these elections, boys and girls from different social entities and youth associations met at the headquarters of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain where they presented their campaigns and proposals and exchanged experiences and resources to combat electoral disaffection.

Two of these young people were Ianis and Ayah, participants of the second class of the second graduating class of the Opportunity for Talent They are currently studying 2nd year of high school and a double degree in Communication and International Relations.

Dialogue with President Metsola

At the end of the event, the young people had the opportunity to attend an exclusive meeting with the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, where, moderated by journalist Carlos Franganillo, they reflected, among other topics, on the challenges facing the European Union with respect to youth in the coming years.

But there is more… During the European Youth Week, the European Commission is organizing a session in Brussels on the impact of Next Generation funds on youth. An event that will bring together hundreds of young people and in which the Tomillo Foundation will play a leading role… We will keep you informed…