40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Vocational orientation

At the Tomillo Foundation we understand the Vocational Guidance as a process of socio-educational accompaniment that contributes to discover and value who I am, how I am and where I want to go. Appreciating vocations as a fundamental lever when making decisions.

Vocational Guidance is a strategic line that we at Tomillo Foundation promote and encourage so that young people know what their motivations, talents and vocations are . The objective is prepare them for adult life. We encourage their development so that they can make decisions autonomously and consciously.

The target population of this program is students in the second year of Basic and Intermediate Vocational Training, between 17 and 20 years of age.

The limited knowledge that many of the young people have of themselves and the current work environment leads them to make hasty choices, far from their vocation, generating demotivation, from a work, training and personal point of view.

This analysis allows us to model our activities and processes so that we can continue to improve them, evaluate their results and share them with third parties. In this way, we generate a greater social impact with the actions since they can be used to accompany more young people in their personal development.

We rely on methodologies that encourage active learning and student participation, making them the protagonists of their own vocational guidance process.

In this way, we avoid the classic “lecture” format, where the students are mere spectators and passive subjects of learning, and become committed and involved in the different activities proposed.

Within the classroom, the different learning styles of the students are taken into account, favoring activities and dynamics that allow:

  • Learning in a diverse way.
  • Exchange of opinions.
  • Manipulative activities.
  • Movement through space.
  • Creative work.
  • Individual and group reflection.
It is a priority for young people to continue with their studies and, above all, to identify and develop their full potential. Therefore, in addition to the direct work done with them, we prioritize the analysis of their reality and needs.