Personal Development and Leadership

We pursue personal development and leadership through programs of innovation and socio-educational excellence with the aim of empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds to become future leaders of their environment. We do this through different tools: non-formal education, culture and performing arts, and servant leadership through the Ubuntu philosophy.

Opportunity for talent

Oportunidad al Talento is a project of educational innovation and integral development that allows a group of young people from 15 to 17 years of age to promote personal, academic-professional and social competencies.

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Performing Arts Space

From the Espacio de Artes Escénicas, we provide young people from 12 to 21 years of age who are socially disadvantaged, with skills that allow them to influence reality in order to transform it, becoming references for the rest of the community, as promoters of positive actions and a fairer world.

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The Ubuntu philosophy proposes that everyone learns to find themselves and others, communicating, relating, preserving and enhancing each other’s individuality.

All Ubuntu programs are rooted in the Ubuntu philosophy of life that permeates the project’s methodology.

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Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Orienta+ program evaluation

Tomillo Foundation opens the call for the selection of external evaluation entities attached to a university or a research team with experience in socio-educational projects, with the aim of evaluating the Orienta+ project: sharing routes for the insertion of young people in situations of social vulnerability. This project raises the …

Microsoft and Tomillo Foundation collaborate to train young people in cloud computing technology

In the midst of the “fourth industrial revolution”, everyone, on a personal and business level, is using the so-called “cloud” and its services(cloud computing) to get the latest and greatest in technology, boosting business and everyday life. The cloud facilitates many of the activities we perform on a daily basis: …

Colorful sardines and octopuses flood the streets of Los Olivos neighborhood in Tomillero Carnival

Colorful sardines and octopuses flood the streets of the neighborhood of Los Olivos-Latina, in the Tomillero Carnival, to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the seas and oceans clean, to achieve a marine fauna free of microplastics and other polluting elements. As part of the comprehensive intervention that we …