What is Talent Opportunity?

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Oportunidad al Talento is an educational innovation project aimed at young people with great potential, motivation and talent, who come from vulnerable backgrounds that could limit their opportunities for personal, academic, professional and social development.

Over 3 years, this program promotes comprehensive skills development, vocational discovery and leadership training, laying the foundations for these young people to become agents of social change in their contexts and to deploy their educational potential to the fullest.

Success stories from 2018

  • The program’s first edition began in 2018, graduating 18 young people in 2021.
  • A second group started the second edition in 2021, with a total of 19 graduates in 2023.
  • Our goal is to offer more young people the opportunity to grow, develop fully and become agents of change. That is why, with great enthusiasm, we have started a new edition in 2023.

What are the objectives of the project?

The project seeks to achieve three fundamental objectives for the young participants:

  • To develop personal, academic, professional and social competencies comprehensively.
  • Design a life project aligned with their goals, sustaining their commitment to education and facilitating access to training or work experiences.
  • Develop leadership-service competencies, engaging in social impact actions as agents of change.

How do we achieve them and what activities do we carry out?

The project offers several activities to achieve these objectives, among which the following stand out:
  • 2 weekly group work sessions with other young people.
  • Individualized tutoring.
  • Strengthening of integral education and development of competencies.
  • Vocational, academic and professional orientation activities.
  • Global Citizenship training to become agents of change.
  • Stimulation of creativity and imagination through culture.
  • National and international volunteer experiences.
  • Cultural and leisure outings.
  • 1 weekend of coexistence per year.
  • Exchange in English with young people and professionals from other countries.
  • Training at Ubuntu Academy.
  • Experiences of Project Based Learning (PBL).
  • Service-Learning Actions (ApS).
  • Possible access to educational scholarships to facilitate sustainability in educational pathways
Who can participate?
  • 15, 16 or 17 year-olds as of December 2023
  • Be enrolled in 4th ESO, Basic Vocational Training, Intermediate Vocational Training or Baccalaureate.
  • High motivation and involvement in social impact actions.
  • Restlessness, curiosity and enthusiasm to grow and improve yourself day by day.
  • Be open to communicate in English
What are you committed to?
  • Participate for 3 academic years
  • 2-hour group sessions, 2 afternoons per week, in Orcasur (Madrid)
  • Individual tutoring.
  • Sustaining your academic commitment and continuing your studies.

And a great desire to learn!


The project has been conceived jointly between:
  • Tomillo Foundation as a leading NGO in education and employment with young people in context of social vulnerability, ensures the best educational program for training.
  • AIPC Pandora, as a leading NGO in international education, ensures the formation of young people as global leaders.

Methodology used

Learning by Doing

An experiential learning methodology that enables learning through the active participation of young people in direct exposure and interaction activities.

Learning by Thinking or Learning by Thinking

It favors the development of critical thinking, analysis of situations and creative problem solving.

Active methodologies for project work

It gives young people an active role in the participatory construction of knowledge. Some examples of active methodologies addressed are:

  • Project Based Learning (PBL).
  • DesignXChange.
  • Service-Learning (SL).
  • Global Classrooms: United Nations Model.

Inclusive and dialogic methodology

It proposes a constant exchange of knowledge, opinions and experiences, in such a way that one learns from interactions with the other, each one contributing equally to the group.

Personalized accompaniment

In tutoring for process and progress monitoring, vocational, academic and professional guidance and social-emotional support. Follow-up with families. Coordination with other external agents (educational center, professionals, social services, other entities).

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