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Performing Arts

In our Space for Performing Arts we give young people of socially vulnerable backgrounds access to artistic experiences, through which they acquire skills that allow them to better relate with themselves and their environment, thus transforming their life paths and becoming positive references for their community.

In this space they establish positive bonds where they feel capable and valuable. They are stimulated and find renewed motivation in an environment where a lack prospects is the norm.

Dance, theater, music and visual arts allow them to experiment, rediscover and express themselves in a different way as well as develop their potential and creativity, becoming the lead characters of their own development.

These young individuals, with ages ranging from 12 to 21 years old, come to our space seeking to participate in a safe environment, free of prejudice, where they can show themselves as they truly are and where they can share with other young people what concerns and matters to them. Here they find an atmosphere of acceptance and tolerance that they can take and repeat, all the while developing a strong sense of belonging and group identification.

In addition, activities are carried out within this space alongside other programs of the Foundation, which allows them to experiment directly with these arts, in an experiential way, arousing their interest and curiosity, and providing them with new tools to express themselves and communicate.

Performing Arts
C/ Campotejar, 37. 28041 Madrid
Tel: 91 317 25 70
Persona de contacto:
María Pérez Calderón