40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability


The Tomillo Foundation is committed to excellence and transparency as priority intervention objectives.
NGO Accredited by Fundación Lealtad

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Entity accredited as a Second Chance School

Member of the E2O Network of Spain

Member of the Alliance for Vocational Training

Alliance for Vocational Training

Member of the Spanish Association of Foundations


Member of the Digital Pact for the Protection of Individuals


Transparency indicators

We have the following protocols and procedures, among others:
  • Complaints Channel(canal.etico@tomillo.org)
  • Purchasing Procedure
  • Project selection criteria
  • Internal control and monitoring systems
  • Company selection criteria
  • Project registration procedure
  • Procedure for acceptance, receipt and registration of donations
  • Reception protocol
  • Voluntary Participation

Tomillo against child abuse

One of the fundamental objectives of Fundación Tomillo’s actions is to guarantee the special protection of minors in all its activities and to respond to their needs. Both the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics and the Mission, Vision and Values of the Foundation, state the respect for others and the defense of equal opportunities, favoring the growth of the individual. Our actions are mainly focused on children and youth, providing them with education, training and foster care, within a comprehensive program that goes beyond the user and reaches families and their environment.

The management bodies, employees, collaborators and volunteers involved in the Foundation’s activities, express their absolute rejection of child abuse and their position to fight against it.