40 years accompanying young people to enhance their growth and employability

Scholarships for life

More than 10 years ago, in the midst of the economic crisis, we detected that participants in education, training and employment programs were having more and more problems in continuing their training and employment processes.

The families of the children and youths could not afford books, school supplies or transportation to attend classes and activities. This circumstance leads to a circle that increases the risk of social exclusion of these families, and consequently of the children and young people in their care. Early dropout from education and training is one of the potential elements of risk of social exclusion.

The team of professionals from Tomillero created this resource and, since then, has organized numerous fundraising activities to help people in extreme need to continue their education, training and job search. There is a procedure for the evaluation and acceptance of applications managed by the Evaluation Committee.

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This aid is directly related to covering the basic needs of families with dependent minors and lacking economic resources, as well as for individuals and cohabitation units that have socio-economic difficulties, such as the case of young people whohave just started their project of autonomous life, entrepreneurs that we advise from the Entity and who see their incipient businesses threatened, or other groups that present indicators of risk of social exclusion.

With your contribution you can help more than 1,000 people, minors, young people and their families, active participants of Tomillo Foundation Programs and who present the following difficulties, aggravated by this current exceptional situation and its consequences.

So far, the Social Fund has granted more than 2,838 grants amounting to €114,729.