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Top Voices Employment 2022

LinkedIn News Spain publishes its second list of Top Voices Employment: a selection of ten professionals to follow to keep abreast of news, analysis and reflections on job search, professional reinvention, labor market keys, workers’ rights, talent management or issues of concern to Spanish professionals, such as work-life balance problems, the evolution of salaries, the right to digital disconnection or the semi-presential return to the office.

Whether you are working or looking for a job, we encourage you to follow these thought leaders to stay up to date on what’s happening in the job market.

Here are three of them, get to know them:

Mayte García Caneiro. Journalist, recruiter and passionate about communication, García Caneiro offers public speaking tutorials to learn how to speak in public, manage stress, prepare for a job interview, adapt your resume or polish your personal brand. Your specialty? Professional reinvention processes.

Jordi Alemany. Consultant and disseminator specializing in ethical leadership and responsible for the podcast on professional development In three points, Alemany unpacks practical advice for both those seeking employment and those who have teams under their charge. His publications include reflections on the importance of networking, the mistake of not holding bosses accountable for the welfare of their subordinates, and the purpose of professional titles.

Mayte Guillén. Talent management, education, the future of work and vocational training are some of Guillén’s star topics. She has been a journalist specializing in employment for more than 20 years. On LinkedIn, he unpacks the keys to labor reform, analyzes the training gap, lists the challenges facing universities and talks about the difficulties of reconciling work and family life, among other topics.

Access the complete list of the top ten opinion leaders: Top Voices Employment.