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The work of the Tomillo Foundation is possible thanks to the shared efforts of professionals, collaborating entities and volunteers, based on enthusiasm, perseverance, collaboration and rigor.
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Share your time, ideas and effort with Fundación Tomillo and nearly 400 other volunteers.

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Every year numerous people like you contribute to giving every young person the opportunity to be their best version of themselves.
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  • Because you can be part of the change by taking action.
  • Because we provide you with information and start-up training to help you take action.
  • Because we accompany you and offer meeting spaces that enrich your experience.
  • Because, in addition to the recognition of your action, you will receive a certificate accrediting your volunteering.
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Every year, professionals from important companies trust Tomillo Foundation to carry out corporate volunteering activities.

208 professionals
4.9 out of 5 satisfaction
Why join us?
  • For your company: implementation of your CSR (ESG), identity and work environment, talent development and retention…
  • For your professionals: personal satisfaction, opportunity for growth, pride of belonging…
  • Personalized detection of volunteer opportunities and design of activities.
  • Communication/motivation and staff training
  • Accompaniment in the development of the activities.
  • Evaluation of the voluntary action including final report with KPIs.
Do we talk and assess how to collaborate?


Do you know the FEVOCAM Corporate Volunteering Guide?

Yesterday we participated in the presentation of the Corporate Volunteering Guide of FEVOCAM (Platform of Volunteering Entities of the Community of Madrid), where we also talked about the importance of social transformation in corporate volunteering and volunteering experiences. The Corporate Volunteering Guide is a digital tool, an interactive, lively and …

How do Tomillo students face a job interview?

One of the most important moments for any young person is facing their first job interview. How to control nerves? How should I dress? How do I greet? Is it better to talk a lot or let them ask me? All these questions have been answered during the Vocational Guidance …

Meeting to share experiences and learning among Tomillo volunteers.

The International Volunteer Day is celebrated every year on December 5. Around this date, in Tomillo Foundation we have organized a meeting and video forum with the active volunteers in our activities with the aim of recognizing the work of those who collaborate with their time and talent in everything …